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Nepal faces the harsh reality of illiteracy and poor quality of education, especially in
remote regions. Poor socio-economic condition of families means they are unable to
afford education for their children who end up helping out with household chores. As a result many children are deprived of their basic rights to education. Even the ones that are sent to school, especially government-run ones, do not receive proper education
and existing education infrastructure is far below par

Colors of Nepal therefore strives to bring about the educational reforms required to
improve the learning environment of students through several activities including
scholarship programs, school renovation, teacher training program and awareness
campaigns. Through our mission, we seek to provide not only quality education for the
students but in due course hence groom them for the job market, ultimately raising
their living standard.
In intervening in the current situation of school children in desolate regions, Colors of
Nepal has adopted four activities to firstly reverse the trend of having children not
attend school, then secondly by improving the learning environment for children who
do attend schools.

We differentiate ourselves from our innovative approach to spreading the cause and
getting people involved in this philanthropic movement. As photographers, we utilize
the power of the lens to achieve our goals by selling postcards and photographs in
Nepal and abroad and collecting resources to fund our programs. This innovative
approach adopted by Colors of Nepal promotes entrepreneurial spirit while merging
service in the social sector.

Since our inception, we have indulged in several different projects with successful track
record. From creating a documentary, to raising funds and collecting stationery for
school children in remote Nuwakot, to organizing dental camps and gardening projects,
we have contributed a small but crucial bit in ameliorating the current situation of
Nepal’s school children. Likewise, we have several major and exciting projects lined up
for near future.

Implementing innovative approach through photography, Colors of Nepal is committed
to support innocent school children stand strong against all odds and paving their way
to success through education. This, we believe, will build a better society and a more
prosperous nation altogether.

Finally we are done with the postcards prints. Please contact us to show your support

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