Colors Of Nepal discusses on the issue of Childrens Day

Children On The Red Carpet

Children’s Day is recognized on various days in many places around the world, to honor children globally. I have for eternity been mesmerized with the emotions that I see on small kids face. It’s an unthinkable story, bounding me to feel self-determination. Seeing so many children around me, I was fascinated by the way how they were nosy. I felt astounded to see how the new generation has moved on. I held my camera shoot from time to time. I saw happiness and excitement with children and volunteers. It was a learning experience. Going back to the time of my early life is no different with these kids. We are just the same. But at the same time, I had concerns; have all the small innocent kids been treated uniformly. A kid was holding a paint brush in his hand, painting. At the same time, another kid was carrying his little sister on his back, watching a kid next to him painting. For me they looked the same, with the identical purity, but wouldn’t it had have been better if the same kid with his little sister would hold the painting brush. We have always believed in equality. We celebrate Children’s day, but a big question lies beside us, Are we doing it the right way? We have always been told that children’s are the pillars of development. But have we shaped our self to admit it. Have we actually understood the meaning of children’s day? Or are we being fools even to rejoice it. It was depressing to see a kid holding his hand to his mouth and inhaling gum used to glue shoes. Is that the way it’s supposed to be? Why do we even celebrate this day? The nation who fight against the child labor, poverty; loom with exported cars to attend the meeting, while the children hang about whole day in the stiff sun waiting for their appearance. We should ask over our self. What takes to save something that’s priceless to us? What’s priceless? They are the children of this nation. We as a single nation cannot simply fold our hands, watching those kids who do not bear any faults, lying on the streets. We should help our children rather than waiting for someone. They are our children. It’s disheartening to see kids sleeping on the streets. And what they have is little boxes to cover their quivering body, a jute rucksack to lie on. It’s disheartening to see the kids who are supposed to be in the schools, library or any sports ground trying to compete with the adults sleeping in the open nights. A street kid is also one who is trapped in a vicious cycle of pain and misery. How many young adults have to deal with these kinds of conditions? A street kid, I would fairly refer him as innocent, came to us and asked if we would like to take his portrait. We agreed and clicked some photos. And after his words were “DAI PHOTO, MONEY”. But we didn’t pay him. I was able to picture how his livelihood was. It makes my spirit hammer with guilty that I can’t do anything for those kids. Some time I ask for myself, do they dream the same way I daydream of my opportunity? Do they get to eat the similar I have? And I can only answer “NO”. The only stuff I can do is to criticize and get a hold of those complaints in these words. I learned how life can be cruel but be blessed with kind hearts I wish sooner or later we would transform the way we reflect. Some day we would know why we observe this day.

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