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One random act of kindness

Sano kumar touches your heart immediately with his alluring shy smile. From getting up till going to bed at night, his daily routine is packed with activities which also includes some spiritual time when he meditates. He loves to paint and aspires to become a painter one day. Like any other kid, video game is his other love and he never misses a chance when he gets one.
Amber was also found amongst the rubbish heap under a bridge as an infant and handed over to CCRC in 2009 at 6.15 in the morning. As a result of the physical trauma of being thrown,he acquired a form of cerebral palsy due to which he could not move or do anything for the first two years and could only drink milk. Amber now goes to a physiotherapy school. He can walk about 15 steps all by himself. He can even dance to the music and has an excellent memory.
Community child rescue centre or SamudayikBalUddhar Kendra in Nepal was established in 2006. Venerable Sumeadh, this kind, soft spoken Buddhist monk started a home for six kids who where discarded as garbage in rubbish bins, under the bridges,abandoned in hospitals and handed over to the police. The early days of CCRC was not at all comfortable. With support from few friends who believed in humanity and in this work, donated packets of milk,food and a few other resources and through that tough time and adherence, CCRC is now located in Imadol, Lalitpur, in a three storeyed leased building currently with 21 kids and a twin being cared for at a specialised Children’s home. It has now flourished as an established, registered rescue and care centre.
CCRC has a dream of gradually growing into a school, which would be specialized and designed for the kids from under privileged and marginalisted backgrounds. Venerable Sumeadh envisions the school to be a platform for sustainability development, an avenue through which these bunch of skills would share their knowledge, experience to others and gift them with motivation,inspiration and encourage the other kids to dare to dream.
This vivid reality of lives different than of us or our children brings us all to a road,a place of question ,questions which are easy to answer yet often ignored.
We, able citizens of Nepal are looking at this place the lives of these innocent little Bubs. Does money,luxury, parties, drinks and self pleasure serve the meaning of our once given life or is there more to it? Do we have any responsibility towards these kids who are thrown out by their mother’s, parents or relatives due to lack of education, knowledge and human feeling and poverty? Let’s imagine one day without a name, being asked at school our parentsnames,our relatives, what we do during the festivals and when we become examples of marginalized children growing growing mg p in an orphanage. These kids are blessed that they are at CCRC because they get immense love, discipline like of parents, support without worry and security. But how many other kids are there staring at the blue sky waiting for some kindness and love?
Don’t we think it is time we need to stand up for them as a whole team against child abuse, abandonment and negligence? Imagine us being in that position, imagine our children lost, without identity, without anyone to hug them, love them, guide them to dream. Can’t we gift jut a little bit of that dream to these kids? After all, these are also the future of our nation, and if I see it correctly, the rightful heirs to the nation, from the struggles they have been through, the hails and storms they have seen, the fight towards identity since childhood and the awareness that the security is so shaky and limited. Can’t we just look within our hearts and feel something? This is a question we are leaving with you today. Let’s think about the satisfaction and joy we’d receive from One Random Act of Kindness……

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