The wonderland Turkish


“It is like time travel but not only through time, also through deepest wonder of life. Being in Nepal was like being in Turkey during my childhood”.Yilmaz

“While being in Nepal, I believe I am in safe hands like my homeland. It’s filled of mystery as well as surprise at each step. Nepal is an incredible sovereignty full of natural history and bighearted people.”  Erkan

I had just returned from Sarangkot with the worst luck, as I was unable to see the sight of beautiful sunrise. The weather was not in favor of me.  I was resting at Mikes Restaurant, when a chap, aged between 40-45 came and comforted himself just in front of me. A grin was the solitary salute from me. He ordered break
fast, and was treating himself with a full-sized glass of milk tea and some toast breads. He seemed to enjoy the view as his Nikon was accompanying him.  We looked at each other but neither of us could initiate a conversation. Finally I asked, “Where are you from. This was beginning of deeper exchange of thoughts.Yilmaz had come to Nepal to spend his summer holidays along with Erkan Cavus, Seden, Fatma and other acquaintances. At first look, they were normal
tourists like any other in Pokhara but after knowing them, they left me with many questions. They were from Turkey and Cyprus and were teachers and Students by profession .They came to Nepal for 17 days and it was their 15th day when I met them. They gave Nepal a new Name “The Wonderland”.

It had been a breathtaking experience for them in Nepal. Himalayas in their eyes and breathing with the clouds had always been their dream to taste in life. When being asked about the community, I was captivated with their simple answer “People are tranquilizing and intimate”. Visit to Nepal had been miraculous for them.  Himalayas, Terrain, People…. they loved it all. Yilmaz recalled the
moment when he was in Nepal 23 years back.  Pollution and houses were less. He could see the Phewa lake while on foot from the streets. But now everything has been misrepresented. “When a country develops, it changes minds of people too. People fail to remember ethics of existence, traditions and backgrounds. The birthright degrades.” These were the issues that had been haunting them and me. Even Turkey was experiencing the same.  Comparing with the old days, it has urbanized a lot now, but are public the same? Do they have the same thought?  We couldn’t answer to that. But they feel that we have lost our spirit and we are trying to find it again which a natural simple life is.

“Buddhism is also important for us because most modern people like us don’t find too much meaning in our religion but Buddhism, originally is a philosophy of life and the fundamental principle of Buddhism is compassion which we lack now. When I am in Nepal, I feel and live the beauty and the chaos at the same time .It is both; most beautiful and dirty and so many things”, By Yilmaz

Erkan asked me, “What makes Nepalese unified, as many people are from diverse background, cultures”. I couldn’t answer to that question. I was questioning myself, are we really unified as they believe. Are we? I hope sooner or later I would tell them it had happened only in the past. From time to time, I retain information what Yilmaz said to me. We are misrepresented, our judgment have altered. Expansion is changing how we think. It’s a globalized process.

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