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I asked 4 questions, I thought those were simple but I didn’t  know those question  I asked to Susan would make me think for 5 days what I would write. What should I post?

“Where are you from? Who is there in your family? Why did you come to Kathmandu? What do you want to become when you grow up?”

His answers were simple.

“I am from Okhaldhunga. My mom passed away when I was small and I used to stay with my father. He used to drink out of his limit and used to whip me every day. I ran away from home and came here.” He did not answer to my fourth question. He just smiled at me and left. Susan is new to Kathmandu and has managed to blend in the streets. When you see him for the first time, you would actually think, is he really a kid who stays in the streets? A well talented, educated till grade 7, he could comprehend English and well disciplined. What overwhelmed me was, he threw all the wastes in the dustbin. Well even well-informed citizens of Kathmandu do not have an adequate amount of sense to build up mind like Susan.

I have been left preoccupied with all his answers and still remember his frowned smile. Well to be blunt I do not support any NGO’s that’s right now allied in helping street children, but seeing Empower 1, it brought hope in me that may be something could really change. Empower 1 is a nonprofit organization and is helping street children with education and to socialize.  Right now Empower 1 is trying to lend a hand to Susan to keep him out of the streets, trying to admit him to the school. I just hope this kid would get a hold of his future.About the Government of Nepal, weakness can only be highlighted. Would they care for these children? We all could simply answer no. And for NGO’s, it’s the same. More than 500 NGO’s are registered within the valley, have we seen any changes? I do not want to give suggestions, I complain through my words. There’s power in togetherness. Isn’t everyone a part of everyone else?

Seeing those kids, it was really difficult to think about their future.  How would they compete in this in this changing society? Will they accept them? There are many questions that need to be answered. Protect your self-esteem and self-confidence – it is your responsibility!

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